Approche Sur Mesure

Approche Sur Mesure

Message from us :

Since Approche Sur Mesure's (ASM) creation in 1998, we have focused on listening to and supporting our customers, luxury and premium brands, locally and internationally.
Today we continue to develop our expertise in personalization and active listening in this fabulous adventure of e-commerce and digital communication, building on our know-how, our responsiveness and our willingness to meet the challenges for our clients.
Do you have an "entrepreneur", dynamic and positive attitude ? You have a keen sense of service and are naturally empathetic? Want to become an actor of the luxury experience? Join our team!

François-Xavier Poels, CEO

Our history

Approche Sur Mesure (ASM) was born in 1998, from the observation that nobody in the big luxury houses was trained to answer their customers by phone or e-mails.
We have developed our expertise in supporting brands to define their customer relationship, responding to e-mails and the telephone on their behalf.
In recent years, we have also brought our knowledge of luxury and communication, to accompany luxury brands in the adventure of e-commerce and communication on social networks.
Today we are present in the world with 8 subsidiaries: Paris, Brussels, London, Milan, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo.
Our mission is to accompany our clients, premium brands and international luxury brands, in the creation and articulation of their customer experience.

Why our clients are satisfied

They appreciate our in-depth knowledge of luxury codes, our responsiveness and our tailored made approach to customer relationship management. This allows us to adapt to them very quickly, and to provide them with an authentic service and quality in several languages.
At ASM, our philosophy is to meet the challenges and to bring the targeted and fast solutions, always with the sole aim of the satisfaction of all customers: we walk in their shoes!